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Kanata Townhomes

An example of how one Townhome owner expanded their living space to the outdoor rooftop Terrace - Kanata Lakes

What Makes Petra Homes in Kanata Lakes Different ?

It is much easier for a new developer to describe their homes, as they all are new and more or less meet the same standards. Petra homes, although all started from the same footprint, have all had their owners make some degree of modification. The extent of the modifications ranges from minor adjustments to one homeowner having had the home completely redone by a professional designer, replacing all of the builder's light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, bathroom cabinetry and the installation of their custom kitchen. With this site, designed to share the townhomes as a community, this section concentrates on some of the standard features that are built-in from the beginning. You can get a feel for the owner's changes and customization by flipping through the photo galleries. 


A Complete Floor Dedicated to the Homeowners


These homes pay special attention to the homeowners, featuring an entire floor of peaceful seclusion, dedicated to you. The top floor of the home includes a spacious master bedroom along with a walk-in closet and large spa-styled en suite, a private loft just outside the bedroom, ideal for TV viewing or just getting away for a bit, and a private library/office with French doors. 


Also, just steps away you can slip on up to your private rooftop terrace for even more private space.  ​

3,000 plus Square Feet

These townhomes are deceivingly spacious and are what executive townhomes are supposed to be. Unfortunately today, you will find builders marketing 1,400 sq ft homes as executive townhomes.  You will also have builders  claim 2, 000 sq ft but that often includes the finished basement

This collection of modern spacious homes offers the option of more than 3,400 sq. feet of living space, which makes these the largest townhomes in Kanata and among the largest in the city.  (To date, no agent we have spoken with has been able to find a townhouse development in Kanata larger in size.)  With all this living space, the developer decided to go even bigger by providing the option of expanding that space to the outdoors, by including your private rooftop terrace with almost an additional 900 sq. feet of living. Although this was an upgrade to the standard home, all homes on the street have this feature.

Private Rooftop Terrace


The home originally sold with the rooftops unfinished, leaving the decorating to the individual homeowner. Many of the rooftops remain unfinished, while others are fully finished with slab stone flooring, outdoor kitchens with BBQ, refrigerators and hot and cold running water and full-sized hot tubs making it the perfect place for entertaining family and friends. These roofs are structurally engineered to support a hot tub providing you and your family the perfect place to soak relax, star watch, enjoy the amazing views, city lights, or firework displays on Canada Day.  All homes have natural gas and hot and cold running water available on the rooftop. 

Full Brick Exterior ( Not just the front )

The Petra Townhomes offer a full brick exterior top to bottom. Apart from increasing the home value, they offer strength and durability, fire resistance, near carefree maintenance, and excellent noise insulation.   

Hardwood Floors ( on all  three floors )


While hardwood floors are traditionally installed in two-to-three-inch strips and usually only installed on the main floor, the designer of Petra's homes embraced wider planks because of their beautiful look and the sense of luxury they convey, even though they are more expensive to install. The floors are all 4-inch oak and are on all three floors of living with matching hardwood treads on all four staircases. You will find a wide variance in the floor colours ranging from a near-white to an almost ebony colour, and everything in between.


9 Ft. Ceilings ( on all three floors )


Walking into a home with soaring 9-foot ceilings, spacious open floor plans, and plenty of windows gives you an immediate sense of openness and it allows natural sunlight to flood in to brighten your home. You will on occasion find builders of higher-end townhomes offering 9 ft. ceilings on the main floor. Requesting the builder to extend that to the rest of the house can cost you in the neighbourhood of an additional $8,000 per floor. Petra Homes have all been built with 9 ft. ceilings, not only on the first floor but on all three living levels. The exception is the Great room where you have a 20-foot ceiling and a two-story window open to the floor above.



Stair Cases


These modern-designed staircases are architecturally stunning and accentuate the minimalist and contemporary theme of the townhome. As a focal point of the home, the steel mono steel stringer floating stairs display an open ambiance compared to any other stair design and provide an open feel, while using space much more efficiently. Four identical staircases take you from the basement through to your private rooftop terrace. 


Private Elevators


These homes were designed with aging in place and convenience as top considerations, making them barrier-free. Designed from the outset, they have taken into consideration the ease of use for residents decades down the line.

Although you have the traditional stairs as in any multi-level homes, you also have the addition of a four-person (rated) private elevator in each townhome which allows owners the freedom to access all 4 levels from the basement to the third floor. You no longer have to install unsightly stairlifts or go through the inconvenience of multiples moves and the expense of moving to a bungalow, should mobility become an issue. Owners have the advantage of being able to enjoy their home and neighbourhood long into retirement., not to mention the ease of everyday tasks like lugging laundry, or luggage up and down, or just moving furniture from time to time. For safety reasons, the elevator is equipped with its telephone as well as an emergency battery back-up in the event of a power failure. 



Engineered Wood I Joists


Petra's townhomes are designed and built with engineered wood beams, allowing greater flexibility than traditional beams. They can span greater distances and support heavier loads than conventional lumber and they don't warp or crack. A builder is also able to reduce the number of columns and therefore offer more of the much desired open concept and room to maneuver for interior designs. You will not find any support columns in these homes.  The wood beams are also placed on 1 foot centers which allows for a wider span and also minimizes squeaking floors.  



Firewalls are the walls between adjoining townhomes which are designed to provide fire-resistance ratings to ensure the safety of occupants in adjacent dwellings. There are, of course, minimum standards as defined in the Ontario Building Code. The architect of Petra Homes designed these townhomes to exceed these standards with double firewalls to increase that protection and the length of time for an incident to be brought under control by your fire department should one occur. Although you cannot control what happens in the home next to you, you can ensure that the separation of units gives you the best opportunity to remove your family from the home and allow first responders the greatest amount of time to minimize the damage to your home.

The other by-product of the upgraded firewall is the reduction of noise, to ensure that you are not disturbed by your neighbours.

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