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Kanata North Weather Forcast

What you need to know about Kanata Weather

If you are new to Canada or even to Kanata for that matter the weather can be quite an experience.  New comers are not always use to the fact that we experience four distinct seasons and the temperature can vary from the high 20 degrees Celsius in the summer to the low -20”s in the winter.  There are of course days that exceed those temperatures on both the high and low sides.  We suggest you be prepared for both extremes.  The good news is the average temperatures are much more reasonable.  





Spring is when people starts coming back outside for the majority of the population.  The temperatures are mild with a fair amount of rain which is great as it brings life back to our lawns and gardens and gets them off to a great start.  Flowers emerge from a winter sleep, tulips, lilacs, and daffodils are in full bloom.


In the spring the common dress is pants and shirts, with light jackets for warmth as required


In the spring the masses emerge from the cold of winter and start biking, walking, jogging and rollerblading along the city paths and streets.




Summers in Ottawa brings humidity and it can get quite hot reaching temperatures in the high 20 degrees Celsius and sometimes even higher.


In the summer, people wear lighter clothes like sandals, shorts, t-shirts, skirts, and sundresses.




In fall, the temperature starts to drop bringing cooler days and evenings as well as the fall colours Eastern Ontario is famous for 


In the fall the common dress is wearing pants and shirts, with light jackets for warmth as required




In winter, days get cold and temperatures can drop to 20 degrees below zero Celsius and sometimes even colder.   There is usually lots of snow for our winter sports and activities, such as, tobogganing, cross country skiing, skating along the Rideau Canal on the world’s longest skating rink as well as and downhill skiing on any number of hills in the region.  You will need to dress for winter there is no getting around it.


In the winter, Ottawa residents need to dress is warm heavy jackets, hats, scarves, mittens, and waterproof boots.

Kanata Weather Averages 

* Remember these are averages
Average Tempature.gif
Average Humidity.gif
Average UV Index.gif
Average Daylight Hours - Sunshine Hours.
Average Rainfall Days.gif
Average rainfall.gif
Average Snowfall Days.gif
Average Snowfall.gif
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