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Kanata Lakes
Parks and Conservation Areas (nearby)

South Highlands Conservation Area
Monk Forest

South Highlands Conservation Area - 8.2 km

Monk Forest - 2.3 km

Kanata Lakes Beaver Pond Arbretum

Beaver Pond Arboretum- 1.7 km

Carp River Restoration

Carp River Restoration - 1.4 km

Goldridge Park

Goldridge Park  0.6 km

Insmille Park

Insmille Park 1.9 km

Jim Malone Park

Jim Malone Park 0.75 km

Deer in Old Quary Trail

Old Quary Trail 6.7 km

Judy Laugton Park
Walden Park

Walden Park 1.1 km 

Key Rock Park 0.4

Key Rock Park 0.4 km

Whalen Park

Whalen Park 0.23 km

Kanata Lakes Parks and Conservation Areas  Yours to Explore

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