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Meet You at the Top Of The city

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

A taste of outdoor living

Life on Petra Private.

Imagine coming home from a hard day at work, opening your front door, stepping into your private elevator which takes you up to the door of your master bedroom, exchange the work attire for shorts and a tee-shirt and head up for an evening to your exclusive roof top terrace. Grab a bottle of wine from one of the two refrigerators, pour yourself a glass, turn on your favorite tunes and relax on your loungers under the most beautiful clear blue sky.

When the time is right and the urge hits everything you need for dinner is there too, just turn on the BBQ and prepare a meal for a king on your outdoor kitchen, set the dining table and sit down and share a meal outside. After dinner toss the dishes in the sink and head to your private hot tub for a while. When sufficiently relaxed hop out, wash off in your outdoor shower. More wine and conversation on the couches in front of the fire pit and when the sun goes down enjoy the lights of the city.

On special occasions like Canada Day, get a front row seat to the fireworks of Kanata without leaving home. In the distance you can watch fireworks displays all over the city including the displays of Stittsville, Barrhaven, Nepean and downtown Ottawa, all from your vantage point high above the city. When your evening comes to a close you will have to decide whether to head back to the bedroom or be adventurous and sleep outside under the stars.

You have just experienced a small taste of what one couple has created for themselves here on Petra Private.

Sleeping Al Fresco: The Lost Art of the Outdoor Snooze

See you soon!.


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