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Kanata North Employment

Kanata Lakes is one of three communities within the larger Kanata North ward, which is home to Canada’s largest Research and Technology Park.  Kanata North has long been recognized as a hotbed of technology innovation.  With more than 500 High Tech companies employing over 23,000 skilled employees, it makes this one of Canada’s most vibrant technology industry economies.  Kanata North boasts a high percentage of young, highly-educated people who choose to take advantage of the many career-growth options.  These same people also see Kanata North as an ideal place to raise their families. The area has among the best schools in the city, a new recreation complex, hiking and biking trails, easy access to everything from downtown Ottawa to provincial parks and a reputation as a safe place to live.  Petra Private is perfectly located to take advantage of it all.  A 3 km drive from your door puts you right in the centre of the Technology Park.

Let's not forget the latest move of the Federal Government to relocate the Department of National Defense to within 10Km  of your front door.  The move brings with it over 9,300 jobs to the area. 

Some interesting statics as provided by  Kanata North Business Association.

  • Over 50% of the employees live within 5 kms of their work

  • Over 500 companies call Kanata North home – contributing over $13 Billion to Canada’s GDP.

  • Productivity of Kanata North workers is on average 4x greater than the average Canadian worker.

  • Kanata has over 101,000 residents.

  • Kanata North residents earn on average over $10,000 more than the average Ottawa citizen.

  • Kanata North households have a combined average of over $30,000 more than the average Ottawa household.

  • 7% of Kanata North’s population is Francophone and growing while 26% are bilingual.

  • 50% of the population is between the ages of 25-59 years old.


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