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These architecturally unique freehold townhomes on Petra Private in Kanata Lakes are unmatched by any other townhome development in the city.  To date, no agent has been able to identify another townhome development which is a fair comparable using the simple 5 item criteria below. 


  •   over 3,000 sq. ft.* 

  •   handicapped or elderly accessible to all 4 floors via private elevator,

  •   a full basement matching main floor dimensions,

  •   a full rooftop terrace,

  •   two parking spaces (including garage)


These homes offer huge living spaces with amenities not found in many homes.  These are what the term “Executive Townhome” was meant to represent. 


The closest comparable units in Kanata, that we have been able to find to date, are in a new brownstone development currently completing construction by a developer, just off Terry Fox on Boundstone Avenue.     


Starting price for their largest unit, the Summit model, is $527,000 with no upgrades.  An example of  an upgrade was the main floor hall closet worth $2,000,  The model home as seen, contains $40,000 to 50,000 worth of upgrades according to their sales representative. This puts their largest available home with some upgrades in or around  $583,500. **


 *based on developer literature

** includes $2,500 in GST and $4,000 in PST on the $50,000 in upgrades

Note:  If you buy or build a brand new home or condo over $450k, in Ontario  you need to pay the federal goods and services tax (HST) 13%, less rebate, on the purchase price.   The HST is calculated  into the base list price but must be added to all upgrades.


How Would Prices of Petra Homes Compare If we used the 

Cost per Sq Ft

of the Summit Model as an example


                 Summit Model                                                 Petra Homes

                   $583,500*                                                         $805,939

                                                                                             (not including basement or rooftop)  


 *  Using The Summit model selling at  $583,500 as in the example above and their published 2,172 Sq. Ft. for this  model we get a cost per sq. ft. of $268.65.  Using that same cost per sq. ft. in estimating the value of the homes home of an equivalent standard would have Petra Private selling in the neighbourhood of $805,939.23 (without consideration for the added features including living space in the basement, and rooftop terrace) 



But They Are Not Equal

Petra Homes have far more to offer!

Petra homes have unique features that set these homes apart.  Starting with

  • Over 50% more living space,

  • The architecturally unique single stringer beam staircases on all four levels give you      the most open look of any type of staircase,

  • Your private elevator usable by handicapped family members, the elderly, or simply moving heavy furniture or laundry,


  • In addition to your three floors, you also have a basement which is your first floor of the Bound stone unit.  4 floors plus Rooftop Terrace Petra Homes vs 3 floors Boundstone.  Some basements on Petra are finished while others have the flexibility to be finished with a new owner’s style and taste,

  •  The unmatched feature of your own 1,000 square foot private rooftop terrace, many with unmatched views overlooking the city.  Again some are completely finished with outdoor kitchens and full-size hot tubs while others are a blank canvas ready to be completed to your personal taste,

Additional indoor Living Space on Petra Private

  • Sitting  room

  • Loft/TV room                        

  • Configurable or finished basements can be used for 

  •            In-law suite

  •            Recreation room

  •            Gym

  •            Additional 4th  bedroom

  •            Home theater room 

  •            Wine cellar

  •            Additional Landry location

  •            Additional full 3 piece washroom ( roughed in)

  •            Storage

  • Private elevator suitable for elderly or disabled household members or simply moving heavy objects such as furniture or even laundry,  

  • Your own full rooftop terrace able to support a hot tub and outdoor kitchen, just shy of  1,000 sq. ft.  Many have an amazing view of the city,

  • A few of end unit  homes have additional yard space, the largest having  a side yard of approximately 70’ by 35 ‘ ( making the lot close to 55 ft wide) as well as a back yard of 22’ by 25’,

  • Some homes are equipped with as many as 5 fireplaces,

  • Standard built-in wet bar in the Great Room,

  • Outdoor common area for social gatherings, BBQ’s, Movie Night, cocktails,  

  • Grass maintained - cut weekly and fertilized 4 times a year. All homes have their grass cut on the same day,

  • Snow is plowed in the winter, usually before 6 am on most days,

  • Most units are situated to maximize the available views of the city scape,

  • Designated visitor parking spaces,

  • Petra Private is a private street so no eyesores of cars lining the streets on both sides of the street, as you see in new city planned developments,   The Brownstone Development referenced above is no different, as it has no designated visitor parking.  You are subject to the City of Ottawa's bylaws giving you a maximum of 3-hour street parking during the day, 7 AM - 7 PM,


Features of the Brownstone not available in the Petra Private units include:


  • 1st owner of the home,  which is a blessing and a curse for those who have experienced dealing with the Tarion Homeowner Warranty Corporation. If you have never experienced buying a new home ask around. If you work full time good luck with the repairs,  the trades work mostly days. ( just check the horror stories they are all over the net or better yet get it first hand from your friends),

  • No homeowner fees.  Petra Private is currently $900 per year which covers all lawn care, common garden care, snow removal, liability insurance for common areas, etc.,

  • 15% of the units have a double car garage. All of these units are sold out according to the agent on duty in June 2018.  They will now only be available as they come up for resale,


Easy To Compare Checklist



















































Life Elevated on Petra Private

 in Beautiful Kanata Lakes




Imagine  coming home from a hard day at work, opening your front door, stepping into  your private elevator which takes you up to the door of  your master bedroom,  exchange the work attire for shorts and a tee-shirt and head up for an evening to your exclusive rooftop terrace.  


Grab a bottle of wine from one of the two refrigerators, pour yourselves a couple of glasses, turn on your favorite music and lie down on your loungers under the most beautiful clear blue sky.    When the time is right and the urge hits everything you need for dinner is there, just turn on the BBQ and prepare a meal for a king in your outdoor kitchen. Set the dining table and sit down and share a meal outside.  After dinner toss the dishes in the sink and head to your private hot tub to relax.  


When sufficiently relaxed, hop out, wash off in your outdoor shower, pour another glass of wine, share some conversation on the couches in front of the fire pit and when the sun goes down enjoy the lights of the city. When your evening comes to a close you will have to decide whether to head back inside or be adventurous and sleep outside under the stars.  After awaking with just a 1 minutes set up you are ready for your morning rooftop yoga routine. 


On special occasions like Canada Day, you have a front-row seat to the fireworks of Kanata without ever leaving home.  In the distance, you can watch fireworks displays all over the city including the displays of Stittsville,  Barrhaven, Nepean, and downtown Ottawa, all from your vantage point high above the city.  *


Several Units have Double Car Garage



*  This is exactly what one couple has created for themselves.

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