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Kanata Sports and Recreation

Teenager carrying a Skateboards

Families and Sports go hand in hand.
It doesn't matter if you're looking for organized, competitive, recreational, individual or team,  Kanata Lakes has pretty much everything you could want and most of it no more than 10 minutes away. 

Go have some fun!

Grab Your Stuff And Go!!!!!!!

With so much to offer, it is impossible to list everything available to you,  but this should give you a good idea of how much and how close everything is.  We split the activities into two groups.  "Just grab your stuff and go"options as well as activities that are more organised and need to be scheduled. 

Grab your stuff and go: GET ACTIVE!

This section is geared towards sporting activities  you and your children can do without the consideration of a set schedule, things you can just decide on the spur of the moment and much of it without hopping into a car.   

Baseball Fields

Baseball Fields

Neighbourhood Baseball Fields

All Saints High School -   0.1 km


There is a great baseball diamond right next door and it is available  most of the time. On occasion, you have organized teams playing. 

Basketball Courts

Neighbourhood Basket Ball  Fields

Basketball -  0.1  km


You have a several outdoor options minutes from your home.  Right next door at Whelan Park in 2 minutes or over at Keyrock Park in 4 minutes.

Paddle Boarding /Sailing

Canoeing/Fishing/Kayaking/Paddle Boarding/Sailing

The Amazing Ottawa River

Ottawa River -   12.6 km


It is hard to pinpoint a starting place given the river is over 1,000 km long, so this one you are on your own to research, depending on what you are looking for.   The Ottawa River Canoe Club is a great place to start. It is a family-friendly club with tons of equipment. 

Ice Rink ( Outdoors)

Ice Rink (Outdoors)

Neighbourhood Arenas

All Saints High School-   0.1 km


The closest outdoor rink is a 3-minute walk next door. Throw your skates over your shoulder and go.  An added bonus is that it is brightly lit until about 11 PM.    

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Amazing Kanata Mountain Biking

South March Highlands -   6.5 km


With over 25 km of trails this conservation area is home to some serious technical terrain and a range of intermediate to expert trail systems. Set on land that is protected and is deemed a conservation area, South March is enjoyed by mountain bikers, trail runners,  walkers and people wanting to snowshoe. 

Kanata Lakes is also very bike-friendly in and around the community with bike lanes and tons of walking /bike paths through the community.

Skateboard Parks

Skate Board Parks

Kanata Neighbourhood Skateboard Parks

Richcraft Community Centre -   1.1 km


Offering over 10,000 sq ft of ​urban skate plaza with features catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters.  Tons of obstacles and features. 

Soccer Fields

Soccer Fields

All Saints High School -   0.1 km


Want to take the kids out and practice?  You have a couple of fields within 5 minutes of your front door.  Right next door at  All Saints High School and another one at Goldridge Park

Neighbourhood Soccer Fields
Splash Pad

Splash Pads

Neighbourhood Splash Pads

 Walden Park -   2.8  km

The closest Splash Pad to Petra Town Homes is a 14-minute walk or a  3-minute car ride. 

Richcraft Recreation Complex -   2.9  km

The next closest is a 5-minute car ride  to the Richcraft Recreation Complex.

Swimming Pool (Outdoors)

Swimming  Pool ( Outdoor)

Neighbourhood Swimming Pools

Beaverbrook Pool  -   2.8 km


The closest outdoor pool is a 6-minute drive to Beaverbrook,  Kanata Lakes neighbour to the east. 

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Neighbourhood Tennis Courts

Jim Malone Park -   0.5 km


A few minutes walk from your door gets you to an outdoor community tennis court hidden in the forest.  It's perfect for families and adults alike. 

Toboggan Hill

Toboggan Hill

KanataTaboggan Hill

Walter Baker Park - 4.6 km


The Walter Baker Hill is about a 7-minute drive. Don't miss it, as it is the largest man-made hill in the west end of Ottawa with some of the longest runs in the city. It has a walkway to get you to the top and as a bonus, it is well lit for evening sledding . 



Short Walks -  Perfect for a quick stroll or an evening walk for a few km's when you don't have a lot of time.  -   0 km


Walking with nature is a 30 second walk to one of Kanata Lakes many walking trails.  It's healthy and easy to do.  Want some longer hikes emerged in nature?  Check out the Parks and Nature section.

Kanata North and Area Walking Trails
Organised Sports!!!!!!!

Kanata Lakes and Area Organized Sports!

This section is geared towards sporting activities  you and your children can do, but want to do it as a group, by joining an organized discipline.  These activities will require some sort of signup or in the case of skating and swimming may just need to be timed to correspond with the pool or arena open activities.  

Note: this list is by no means exhaustive, it is just to show you the reader a little of what  Kanata Lakes and area has to offer.

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